Apr 30, 2014

Today's Special: Austenland - Movie Review

Today I will be talking about the movie Austenland. I personally, am not a Jane Austen fanatic, but I do enjoy the Victorian era. The movie reminded me of a book I once loved called: Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler. Although they are completely different - they have a small similar aspect, which is having our modern world mixed with the Jane Austen era. 
Movie Poster
I give this movie a 3.5 / 5 rating for a Rom-com because it wasn't that bad - nor was it fantastic and here's why:
  • Austenland is about a woman named Jane Hayes whose a Jane Austen fanatic. Realizing that her life is going no where she takes a retreat to Austenland - a world where you can live like the characters of Jane Austen's novels. As she experiences this new world she realizes that living her fantasy may not be as fun as she expected. 
First of all, I had to watch this movie twice. The first time I watched it, I didn't really pay attention. It was just there as I was thinking about my own life. Although I recall this movie as being 'meh', as I was cleaning out my hard drive (and had nothing to do), I gave it one more try. In which I do not regret.
I'm not really good at
remembering actors names - nonetheless I do remember faces and I (totally) remember Jennifer Coolidge's face. She's from 2 Broke girls (which is one of my regular shows). I also remember Georgia King because I watched her tv show: The New Normal. However, knowing these two faces did not capture me, nor was it the reason for watching the movie. I just wanted to watch the movie cause of the story. 
I did, however, come to like J.J Field. I don't know about his acting skills but he played a really awkwardly cute and fun person in this movie. After watching the movie I went on tumblr to search up Austenland. Some said that J.J Field looked like a mix of Lee Pace and Tom Hiddleston & I can totally see that. 
^ Just look at how handsome he is.
Furthermore, I am currently a hopeless romantic. Like the movie theme, rules of the Jane Austen custom is placed when everyone's in their Austenland mode. The little flirting and honest gazes are just so (I don't know the word...) romantic? I love the whole - liking someone from a far or just - 'realizing you like someone' thing. The movie just screams Rom-Com. There are parts that are funny and it really depends on how you're feeling that day. The first time I watched it - I didn't really laugh at anything. Second time, I'd chuckle a few times. It's not hilarious but it has its moments. There was this one moment that was so cheesy I couldn't take it. 

Moreover, Jane Hayes is a character that everyone could relate to. She's a girl who's lost in her real world and just needs a break. Everyone has a favourite book in which we'd all like to travel to. It's just, instead of reading one of her favourite books and imagining herself in that world - she actually goes and lives it. Which also brings me to why it was so similar to Laurie Viera Rigler's book. 
The main character of the book suffers in her reality and suddenly wakes up in a Jane Austen world. She believes herself to be dreaming as she was reading Jane Austen before she fell asleep. She soon realizes that she is indeed living in Jane Austen's world and has to find a way to go back home. 
Now back to Austenland; Jane Hayes is quirky and brings the modern world into the strict Austenland. She knows her history and behaves like a true Victorian era girl (for the first half at least). She then considers to rebel against the acting and social construct of Austenland. Although it's not like a very strong character development, we see Jane 'grow'. *Remember this is a rom-com* 

To conclude, Austenland is basically every fan girl's dreams. Living in their favourite world, meeting a handsome yet mysterious guy, and then fall in love with this man. It also just happens to be my dream as well. Lovely costumes, beautiful accents (at least J.J Field has one), amazing color schemes (bright and bubbly), and a wonderful ending. Of course, you'd first have to be interested in such a story and fantasy. Austenland is a very fun movie for a relaxing Saturday or Sunday by the bed (with a warm cup of tea, of course). If you have time, give the movie a try. 

Hope you enjoyed the review - although I don't even know if it's considered a true review anymore. It became more of a rant of how much I enjoyed the movie. 

Have a great day! 


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